Dawn in Paradise – The Santuary, Thailand

October 8, 2013

Yes, I’ve been to paradise. From what I’ve seen of the world so far, I would have to say that Thailand still has places that are a little bit of paradise on earth. One of them is in the Gulf of Thailand, an island called Koh Phangan. The Sanctuary has been operating here for a number of years offering yoga retreats, cleanses, and massage in a beautiful beach setting. A steep climb to the hilltop yoga room with mesh walls open to the jungle sounds and one of the best places I’ve ever practiced a downward-dog. You can even stay away from the once-a-month full moon madness that invades Thailand where raves erupt out of the quiet and fill the beaches with copious amounts of litter. Each day I walked this beautiful beach to the huts at the far side where the best Thai masseur practiced his art, throwing me into a state of sublime bliss that lasted well into the evening. A glass of wine on the beach, a cold drink in a slung hammock, the Sanctuary definitely lives up to it’s name.

The Sanctuary, Thailand


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