Pigeon Point Lighthouse As The Fog Rolls In

October 2, 2013

The day was beautiful, clear blue Californian skies. But out on the bay the fog had other plans. It was making its stealthy way in off the Pacific, and as I stood and watched it slowly engulfed the the lighthouse and the park around it, creeping in like something from a hideous B movie. No, actually, it was perfectly lovely, performing an ancient misty dance. Lighthouses on the Pacific coast of California are iconic. One automatically thinks of Hitchcock, though the one from The Birds is a good bit further up the coast at Bodega Bay. Fog, of course, goes well with lighthouses, a beacon in the dark, around it the wheel of seagulls, the salty sea spray in your face. I love that they stand there, solitary, emitting signals of hope…

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